It's time for your brand to be seen by a diverse audience

Many brands have realized that it has become necessary for diversity to emerge into advertising. With 9 years of experience in blogging we connect you with influencers to make your brand more inclusive. 

Cocoa Agency is a freelance influencer marketing consultancy. We help brands connect with Black / African influencers around the world to create more inclusive campaigns in fashion, beauty & lifestyle. 


We work with quality influencers

Over the years we've created one-on-one relationships with talented micro - and macro influencers in fashion, beauty and lifestyle segments. They are bloggers, vloggers and/ social medias personalities and can help you spread the word about your product.

+50 influencers         

+495'000 social followers

What we do

We help you create successful inclusive campaign involving Black / African influential content creators 

  1. We identify the best influencers for your campaign.
  2. We negociate the campaign deal on your behalf. 
  3. We help you design & manage the campaign.
  4. We follow up with the influencers & give you reports.

What they say about us 

" To amplify Ownbrown story, cocoa agency services were a major support. Their comprehensive knowledge of the influencer digital market allowed to meet reliable and talented influencers with a highly engaged community. We really appreciated how we set up realistic goals together. It contributed to create an authentic and successful campaign. "
- Nadine, CEO 



Our Work 

Check out the latest influencer marketing campaigns we've created lately and some of our success stories.